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    Good quality materials outsourced from eligible suppliers including copper wire from Elektrisola, ferrite core from Magnetics®, insulating materials from Sumitomo, etc.

    Overall certifications as proof complying with requirements and standards in respect of quality, industry and environment, including ISO9001,IATF16949,UL,RoHS,REACH,etc.


    Long-term sustainable development oriented and committed to social responsibility of environment protection

    Devoted to carry out the quality policy enforced by customers willingly

    Equipped with facilities and conditions ready to be a supplier qualified

    New prototype sample based on 3D printing technology ready in a week

    Backed by ERP management system binding every department together to guarantee high working efficiency

    Another option for passive components

    We create suitable substitutes for items from Coilcraft, TDK & Würth

    Mass production in superior quality ensured by advanced equipment & quality management system


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    Directly line (EN):+86 756 395 1920
    Directly line (JP):+86 756 395 1903
    E-mail market@goldcoil.com
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